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Training in Fragrance Alchemy

Coming very soon, training in meridian clearing with

Belvaspata Specialty Modalities

  • Krihanash ~ Clearing the 12 ordinary meridians of the emotional body
  • Aravespi-Stra-Unat ~ Clears the 144 at cause of Grief and all false emotions -- Clears the matrices of the 1st DNA Rose, so that it can fluidly respond to the powerful impulses from the 2nd DNA Rose of inner space.
  • Sexual and Trauma Abuse clearing


Practitioner Training

For resellers or those using FA with clients...

For now, the training is organic as you join my other training programs in the Runes of the Infinite Mother (see the Rune Mastery App website for more information), the Bird Clock,  a most phenomenal tool of manifestation, the Foundation to the Miraculous life Programs (now as self-study with mentoring), the True Self Alchemy--Reclaiming our Wholeness and our Magic through activation of the Sub-personalities, as well as explore the many products offered on this site.

  • Understanding the 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians and the importance of clearing and powers unleashed. Working with many alchemical elements to unify the meridian system.
  • Processes to activate refined expression and flow through the 20 meridians
  • High Heart and 5-element theory
  • Protocols in acupuncture/acupressure with FA
  • FA protocols to augment the power of tools and ceremony given by Almine
  • Access to rich material to share with clients


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