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Properties of the FA Oils

The Codes in the Lists

Masculine, Feminine, and Androgynous Fragrances
In the list of FA blends, some oils are more feminine or masculine in terms of scent. Others are more androgynous and appeal to both genders. The alchemical properties of all blends are effective in both genders, as we all have a masculine and feminine expression. So all blends are really androgynous in their application, but some of the scents are more feminine (like Rose oil) or masculine (like Patchouli).
Price codes
Oils are listed with a number next to them: 1, 2, 3, or 4. All FA oils are priced at either $9 for 3.5 mls or $18, $22, or $27. For the 18 ml-size, this becomes: $36, $72, $89, or $99.
Note that The higher priced ones are kept as low as possible. Some of the oils sell for over $30 per ml from most sources, but Almine wishes for all to be able to afford them and has painstakingly found sources so that prices can fall in this range without compromising on the oil having the full tones necessary for the alchemy. But you will not find a lower priced Rose oil, Oud oil, or Champaca oil anywhere else. As well, the kits are priced at hugely discounted prices of between 30-40% below the price of ordering singly.

Click on items in the menu to get to the FA oil descriptions by category.

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