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Pure Egyptian Fragrance Oils

Near the great Valley of the Kings, in the town of Luxor, a devoted family has kept alive an ancient tradition, sparking hope that slowly the world will move away from the use of traditional perfumes. The secret formulas of these exceptional fragrance oils have been passed on from generation to generation with the utmost meticulousness.

Our dream of a future inspired by a distant past, in which the intensity of a fragrance told an epic tale of romance and adventure, led us to a discovery of that selfsame quality the ancient Egyptians had come to treasure.

If alchemy is the transmutation of a lower substance to a higher, such as the turning of lead into gold, then pure scent can evoke the inspiration of beauty and love. In the world of smell, through which we so intimately communicate, to experience these rare fragrances is to unveil the mystery of romance itself.

These blends so pure that they became the substances through which angelic blessings could flow. Through the incomparable work of the great mystic and seer, Almine, these blends were alchemically augmented in potency to hold specific qualities in support of the body's evolution to the state of resurrection, beyond duality and linear change.

There are so many healing and activating protocols to explore on these pages, we hope that you take your time and let your heart lead you to what will help restore its song!

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