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3 resurrection oils

What is Fragrance Alchemy?

Fragrance Alchemy is a modality to ignite awakening and body evolution. The specially formulated oils are alchemically potentized to support specific activation when applied to certain acupuncture points. The FA oils clear the chakras, meridians, and gates of internal alchemy, activating the wearer to attune to a reality outside the law of compensation.

  • The chakras are the fields of reality that we may operate from in embodiment. When their inter-communication pathways are clear and there is coordination and cooperation across the fields, power and evolved awareness to manifest an extraodinary life becomes ours.

  • The 12 Ordinary Meridians are the 'rivers of our lives' that contain emotional debris when we live under the law of compensation. We are then recycling old karmic stories that generate more emotional pollution until death takes over as a purification rite. When cleared of false emotions, however, the ordinary meridians become 'wombs of fluid manifestation of Divine Will'. We become unstoppable, fully expressed, and impervious to influences around us.

  • The 8 Extraordinary Meridians are the flows of radiant power--the inexhaustible flows of Source that provide all knowing, all power, all resources, and all resourcefulness. These activate on gladness and joy of Heart, unwavering glad expectations, and in surrendered trust to the benevolence of life. When the 12 ordinaries are cleared, the 8 extroardinaries can flow unhindered, and a magical life is the result.

The 7 chakras and 8 extraordinary meridians operate on the 12 Ordinary Meridians, making up an alchemical equation of greatest potency: 7 X 8 X 12 = 672

672 is the system of Runes of the Infinite Mother, also received by Almine, which we use in all of our programs!
If you are interested in programs to support full body evolution, that incorporate FA into the process, you are invited to explore:

Sandalwood Path5 + affTrue Self Alchemy's 12 Radiant Powers of Manifestation - empowerment to radical aliveness and self-sovereignty through activating the 12 ordinary meridians as radiant powers of manifestation! This is the foundational step. Other programs work with the Inner Family (sub-personalities or powers of the psyche--next program TBA.

But you can join Radiant Powers at any time, as it is a spiral of ever greater deepening into the power to manifest. Weekly webinars to keep you on track and in attunement with highest potentials at this time!

Fragrance Alchemy Oil Kits

Using the FA oils accelerates clearing and activation, so that the insights that make up the foundation of the reality can more easily be internalized and lived.

FA-oil kits generally come with support material: protocols, exercises, music elixirs, and audio meditations. See details on the specific product pages.

Below on details on some kits. Other newer ones are

The 8 Oils of High Magic ~ Opening up the Gates of Limitlessness in the body

The 12 Oils to clear and activate the Ordinary Meridians--the meridians through which we manifest reality

The 8 Oils of the Inner Family (8 sub-personalities or powers of psyche)- gateway to freedom

The 8 Oils to clear and activate the 8 extraordinary meridians--Flows of Source and Abundance Resources

The 7 Chakra kit

7 Signature FA Oil Kit

This kit has seven exquisite signature blends, that are specially formulated alchemical blends to support us in these most challenging times of profound change. Explore the qualities of these oils, through pdfs, FA protocols, and support audios.

The 7 FA Oil Kit includes: Song of the High Heart (closing the gap of inner and outer space), Song of Joy (opening us to receive life's lavish support),  Song of the Rose (activates the DNA), Realms of Innocence (reclaimed innocence for radical self-acceptance), Lion of Judah (oil of surrender to divine will), Garden of Eden (heaven on earth), and Almine's Secret Garden (deepening in inner space).

Go to this link to explore or purchase.

DNA Roses and Resurrection 7 FA-oil kit

This kit has 6 potent oils to activate the two DNA Roses, support the awakening of inner senses/inner space, support the merging of the three realities of godhood, pristine man, and integrated oneness, and ignite the 671st and 672nd acupuncture points of resurrection. The 671st point activates the Black Blood Cell, and the 672nd opens the gate of the high heart–the eight chakra of oneness that leads to the resurrected state.

In addition, the Song of Joy is included, to support the cultivation of states of praise and joy, which activate the 8 extraordinary meridians–the meridians of godhood--the reservoirs of Source.
Go to this link to explore or purchase.

Rune Mastery 25-FA Oil Kit

25-FA-Oil Kit includes all the oils needed for support in clearing and activation, in preparation for Rune mastery:
12 FA oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians
8 FA oils to clear the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
Song of Joy
Song of the High Heart
Song of the Rose
Lion of Judah
Almine's Secret Garden

Go to this link to explore or purchase.

NEWEST ~ Customized Kit! 10 Oils of your choice!

Choose any 10 FA oils of your choice in 3.5 or 18 mls, and receive them at a 25% discount, along with pdfs to store the oils on (for the meridian and chakra protocols). Email or to order this special kit.


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