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Rune Cards!

Only 2 sets left!!

Order now in time for Christmas!

These beautiful, high quality cards come with complete information on each!
From using the runes daily, it has quickly become clear that having names of angel gods and full tones on the cards, where applicable, is extremely useful!

These cards were created with great care to detail, by Dave Reedijk, and Willy and Rina Clarys, ( and are available in English and Dutch.
Features: The cards have Almine's light elixirs as background, and have the wheels of the Field of Perception on the back, appearing at both ends so that it is not possible to tell whether a card is upside down or right side up.  

Upgraded Quality!

The cards have a gloss finish and rounded corners, and are a high quality product, thanks to Dave's painstaking attention to detail and determination to excellence. Below are some close samples. Final design is depicted in image of the 7 decks.
If you are interested in a full set of 7 decks and do not see the purchase button below, then please send me an email ( with subject "YES on full set of Rune decks". There are a few sets available still.
Price is $165 USD, with $20 shipping added. All net profits go to Almine with immense gratitude.
For the Dutch version of the Runes, please visit the Anu Tia Ma site, Netherlands.

The payment button will be taken down as soon as all cards are sold--so don't delay purchase if you are interested.




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