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Divinity Quest Cards ~ DNA Activation and Invitation to the Alchemist

The physical Divinity Quest cards are back!  And you may purchase them here, in an expanded product that includes the "Invitation to the Alchemist".

Divinity Quest comprises a set of 65 sigils, called Eskaragots, with potent insights for refined living, along with two main processes with the cards.

The Eskaragots are the living language of tonal luminosity and a tool to bridge into the new reality of matterless matter. Tonal luminosity is the tool of oneness, which is a step necessary before we may be in integrated oneness from an activated High Heart. Through engaging the Eskaragots, they become living powers of higher life, causing our bodies to become an alchemical cauldron to manifest Infinite Intent.

There are 585 principles of pristine man, which must be awakened as living powers in order to move to higher levels of life. The 65 Eskaragot capture the full 585 principles, so that in working these daily or weekly, you are purifying the perspective, attitude, body, and environment, and activating the DNA capacities of pristine man.

pic of DQ cards

Process 1 ~ Use for Guidance and Inner Change, Causing Change to the Environment

Using the Eskaragots cards for guidance about life is about changing within and refining perspective and attitude in order to meet highest potentials of Infinite Intent. In the process, the body becomes the alchemical cauldron to activate greater DNA capacity within, which becomes manifested outwardly through the power of the angel gods that preside over the Eskaragot. It is a process to engage in evolutionary alchemy in alignment with Infinite Intent.

The process for guidance works directly to open up the portal of the High Heart--the eighth chakra that merges inner and outer realities and through which we move to life in exponential time and fluidic space.

The alchemy is a 3-step process that supports integrated oneness--the state wherein individuation and oneness are lived simultaneously. The 3-step process causes the merging of the 3 perspectives of pristine man, godhood, and supergodhood. This process activates the resurrection points which open up the acupuncture points of the body as portals to infinity.

This protocol utilizes the fragrance alchemy oils of Song of the High Heart, Lotus, and Rose oils. 

spine pic

Process 2- DNA Activation and Spine Repair

The Eskaragot also can be activated in 65 points along the spine, where the flow of prana has been interrupted and blocked due to programs in the matrix. As these repair and higher principles of living are understood and engaged, the feminine and masculine pranic flows (the Ida and Pingala) repair, and then are able to fuse as one. This is first stage of resurrection.

The FA protocol for this process utilizes the fragrance alchemy oils of Blend of the Gods, Goddess Blend, and Flower of Saffron.

You may purchase the product from this link and explore this most potent tool of accelerated awakening through alchemy with the Infinite! Enter a life of miracles, moving away from linear change to alchemical leveraging through the gateway of integrated oneness of the High Heart!



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