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Laying Deep Roots for Fragrance Alchemy

At recent retreats, Almine has re-iterated the importance of working deeply with all the esoteric material that flows to her, as that is how more comes through and the modality takes root.The Academy of Fragrance Alchemy was created for this purpose.

In 2005 I trained in acupuncture, not really knowing why, and was quickly 'taken' by a desire to understand the mystery of the eight extraordinary meridians. I spent a full year researching and reading all that I could, and concluded that they were the flows of 'first cause'. (They are said to be the first energy pathways to appear in embryonic development, and by their pathways, they 'divide' the body into above/below, inner/outer, etc. The infant is all head and spine in the early stages, and these vessels end at the base of the spine.) They are not well understood in Chinese Medicine, and approached with reverence as they are seen as the imponderable, curious, unfathomable, 'strangeflows' They are known to respond to the 'Buddha smile', or the contentment and quiet joy that comes from depth of eternal beingness, beyond conditions.

Not long after, I was on a quest to find how to secrete and flow higher hormones that were emancipated from need-based programs. My bigger quest was how to get the body to FEEL deeply, as I knew that what I experienced thus far was not true feeling. I was convinced that only through feeling deeply could the body evolve its higher faculties. I developed a whole program around this and taught it as an online course in 2008/2009. My instant resonance to Almine's work in early 2013 came through this search for the higher hormones as liberating us from the matrix.

Art for 8 Meridians 3In my first private retreat with Almine in 2013, she was teaching the meridians and the false emotions, I asked where the 8 extraordinary meridians fit, as these created the 'infrastructure' (of the matrix) and as masters of the endocrine, were connected to the unfolding of time. The very next day she began to teach what she had learned about these in the night, describing them as the meridians of godhood. The deep connection to this information continued, and in June 2014, one year later at another private retreat, I talked to Almine about the 'alchemy of pheromones' that would be the highest alchemy. Again, that night Almine received clarity, and the very next day she was teaching us about the pheromones of divine Intent. It was not long after that the 2 resurrections points were found to make up the 672 acupuncture points associated with the inner senses.

I have been immersed in the meridians all along, and found that the 20 god and goddess archetypes were bringing online new faculties in the body. I sat in the sacred circle of the archetypes, almost daily for months,seeking revelation of their mysteries. One day, before the April 2014 Toronto retreat, I came across messages from the dragon kingdom that implicated the 16th god archetype with ignition of the spleen to its higher function of activating the 3rd black blood cell. Very excited that I'd found what I had quested for to be able to feel deeply from vastness, I showed this to Almine at the retreat, and one week later she brought out information on the BBC, and later much more clarity came through.

WBC PearlI sense that the white blood cell is ready to ignite to higher functioning through the High Heart, enabling the fusion of inner and outer space, and this comes from the 19th and 20th archetypes that culminate in adoration in action. We then have the 3 blood cells in alchemical potencies, and our blood is able to flow the pheromones of high alchemy.

And so this bit of background to help you to understand the roots that we are putting under the fragrance alchemy. This modality is boundless in its power, and will evolve to support the evolving body. In the private retreat of June 2014, an angel god interrupted Almine, with quite some persistence, as she was expressing that scent has been the highest alchemy until now, but that we were moving beyond that. Almine was unable to go on without giving this angel god audience...he said, to my great relief, "No Almine, you're wrong, scent IS the highest alchemy!" Scent alchemy is the alchemy of pheromones--it is the medium through which we may achieve "Fusion by Resonance".

You will notice when you were the FA oils for some time, you will begin to exude fragrance even when you have no yet applied them. At other times, you won't be unable to smell the oils on yourself, until you come into contact with others--that is because you become the 'carrier' of higher blessings to others. The FA is no ordinary substance. The FA oils can operate to infinite depth, and as you evolve, they will express through you at higher 'octaves', enabling deeper levels of refinement to express through you and establish around you.

Beyond clearing the meridian pollutants of memory, emotions, and illusions of duality lies the magic of the Holy Alphabet of High Magic, which is the gift that the unified field of the meridians bring to us!

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