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Song of HH cropped

High Heart ~ Gateway Beyond Polarity

High Heart AFA

This most intriguing alchemical oil blend opens the High Heart as the 672nd acupuncture point that turns the key to higher functioning of the entire meridian system. Its formulation was revealed to Almine in October 2014, soon after inner and outer space merged as one.

This FA blend is worth gold, and you will feel body changes accelerating through daily use and tapping on the point.

The Song of the High Heart is the most complex alchemical formulation to-date, which uses a special champaca absolute (of the Gardenia family), which is a highly prized oil in perfumery that produces a seductive and beautiful celestial atmosphere. The blend is available in limited quantities at this time. michelia_champaca

The High Heart, in the sternum, is the 8th chakra that activates in the body during the reality of oneness--oneness is the gateway beyond duality, into the resurrected life.

In the resurrected life beyond duality of the one and the many, this chakra activates as the gateway that merges all poles. When it activates, all 672 acupuncture points of the body open as portals, and the membrane between inner and outer space dissolves. We then live the miraculous life of no opposites.

This potential is here and now, and we have the tools and insight to move along this glorious path to liberation!

Explore the rich information on this site, and give yourself the gift of these potent alchemical oils. The Song of the High Heart is the exquisite one for the 8th chakra (Field of Mistel and corresponds to the sub-personality of the High Mind).


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