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The Deeper Dimensions of The Bird Clock of Inner Space ~ A 4-Week Exploration Program



Learn to utilize the Bird Clock –a power of High Magic & Leveraged Evolution

The Bird Clock is the original work of  Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,  (

The Bird Clock is a tool of leveraged evolution and manifestation, received by Almine  in the Fall of 2014. From my studies of Almine's work, I have found no other tool as powerful as this one.
This program is conducted over 4 weeks, with one main session per week, with support by way of pdf/audios to deepen into the perspectives that we must live from at this time, in order to operate fully from inner space and live by magic. Additional times/sessions are added for ceremony.
The program is based on the teachings of Almine, and goes deeply into the correspondences to meridians and sup-personalities.
If you have purchased the Bird Clock cards, then you pay the discounted price–otherwise please choose the full price option (the extra fee goes directly to Almine to cover the actual Bird Clock wheel). While everyone will get the additional materials I created to make the use of the Bird Clock easier, the extra fee is for the Bird Clock itself. You do not need the physical cards to join, but will have to create small cards from the table provided (you can laminate them or print on hard stock paper).
If you wish to have the deck of cards, they can be purchased from Russia, on this link.
Email me if you are interested, to find out about the next class.
Read more about the program, below.



Product Description


  • First learn the basics of how to use the clock to activate a most potent Field of Hope and evolve the 12 + 8 meridians as a unified field of simultaneous rather than alternate powers/perspectives.
  • Understand the significance of the 2 hour segments that begin on the even hour and overlap the hours of the Horary and Zhong Galabruk clocks. Discover the magic of the Clock in unifying the meridians
  • Integrate tones in the 12 ordinary meridians to support their fluidity and ability to downstep the impulses from inner space, and to support their evolution to a unified field.
  • Learn to wield the Tool of Transcendence so that time maps are accessed and impacted on all 7 fields.
  • The key to 'realness' is androgynous expression. Explore the Bird Clock as the power to achieve this, and reclaim magic and regeneration as the birthright of Pristine Man. This happens through the moebial flows of the 8 extraordinary meridians, as we internalize time and space (manifesting from a rich internalized geometry)
  • Learn the power of the compressed perspective, and engage the BC's guidance for the day to move through as needed, each time cancelling out black/white light and frequency that cancels out all illusion.
  • Learn a process to evolve the subpersonalities through the 3 portals or windows to the deeper dimension of the 8 extraodinary meridians.


This program has surpassed any expectation or idea I could have ever had! It truly is beyond words. The depth of learning still amazes me and although the program was filled with a lot of work and learning, the results are incredible. I will be reviewing this course for quite a long time. The gems and the ah-has that come in when least expected and yet so timely have taken me back many times. The biggest gift for me, is the internal changes that I have been going through. Levels of different realties, a more expansive living within, and a true acceptance of who I am from not only a microcosmic perception, but also a macrocosmic perception. The coming together in Oneness is becoming more of a reality – at all levels. I feel so humbled and grateful for this incredible experience and I praise the day I met Anita, as her work continues to evolve and has brought me to this place today. I feel deep peace I have never experienced before and a deep knowing that I am never alone. Lynne Smith, Canada

holy grailThe Bird Clock is a power of assisted 'active dreaming' that supports the body to produce pheromones, which establish us fully in a new reality of exponential growth and boundless potentials that activate through our interactions, real to real. Where you meet the Infinite, real to real, is where the essence of gold is to be found--you are then your own source of abundant resources. (please see note below)

It is much more too--through your daily power sigil, you are given the 'clues' of where to uncover the resources and power, the resourcefulness and all-knowing that you need for expression of the full potential that is yours this day. When you express full potential, you become impervious to artificial life. And then there is yet much more...

Life changing session last night...they all are. You really can't compare one to the other. They are all so profound! On a sensory level I recognize the vastness of each session and how there is no end. It's infinity. The alchemy is perpetually bringing me in sync with my vastness. Closest I can express with words...doesn't come close to the experience though. Love O.


The Bird Clock is not only a tool--it is an embodied power and a song that resurrects life and enables fluid, seamless movement between form and formlessness. It is the 'holy grail' that will only yield its power and reveal its secrets to the ones who have shed old ways...those who are agendaless, harmless, and in innocence.

As with all my programs, you will receive video, audio, and written material to support the journey.

"The power that the Bird Clock gives us is stupendous." Almine


The Bird Clock appears on the picture of the bird. Copyright LLC Spiritual Journeys. The Bird image is one of the cards by Almine.

Additional Information

Bird Clock Training with/without Materials

I need materials, I have the basic BC materials


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