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**New Release ~ FA Kit for Healing the Sub-Personalities of the Horizontal Feminine Axis


We are blessed to have new FA blends received by Almine, to support healing and full expression of the sub-personalities.  (These were received by request, and will be used in the advanced part of the True Self Alchemy program.) They are available in 3.5 mls and 18 mls in the kits–single purchases will be possible soon.
These FA oil blends support healing and activation of the sub-personalities to full expression, which causes us to secrete the higher hormones of a reality outside of the law of compensation. They also entrain us to achieve the pristine and indivisible expression of the inner family in consolidated purpose.

These new FA blends are highly activating ones to support us to make this profound change to presencing our reality fully through activated body centers. In this kit you get the following alchemical oil blends (in 3.5 mls size).

The Horizontal Axis of Formlessness

  • Song of the Dove for healing and activation of the Inner Babe
  • Dance in the Moonlight for healing and activation of the Wild Woman
  • The Elixir of Golden Light for healing and activation of the High Mind
  • Distant Horizon for healing and activation of the Inner Adventurer

Read about the blends and their properties, below.
Included in this kit:

  • The 4 newest FA blends for the sub-personalities, in 3.5 mls or 18 mls
  • New labels with sigils on the the bottles, so that oils will be kept pristine when traveling
  • Pdfs with the sigils for the 4 blends
  • Suggested FA protocols (pdf)
  • Audio of the 24 Principles of Coming to the Self (principles received by Almine)
  • Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the sub-personalities (pdf)

For a limited time only, you also receive the following gifts:

  • Booklet of Light Elixirs for the corresponding 8 extraordinary meridians by Almine (downloadable only)
  • Sample of the blend, Coming Home to the Self

The special gifts apply from now to the end of September. 
Potion of Light by Phoebe Surana “Wild Woman FA Blend

Anita- Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this Inner Child oil. I am still working miracles with it. It's making mom and dad much more cooperative in this world. They are much better behaved these days.
Inner babe' Song of the Dove is the source of inspiration. It's VERY sensual!
You have to loose your identity in order find this source. Very potent. Dhani
I had a sense of deep recognition and activation from the Dance in the Moonlight! Jodie



Product Description

Through the alignment of all the sub-personalities of the vertical axis of existence,  the portal to the deeper reality of inner space opens, and this prepares the way for the true feminine to express, and inner and outer realities to merge.  In the fluid alchemy between masculine and feminine, dynamic interaction of the 8 sub-personalities becomes possible. Life changes completely when there are no leaks of resources into illusion and there only the Self, in indivisible, integrated oneness. This is the path of resurrection.
As we express from all 8 sub-personalities, we become able to cooperate with the vast Flows of Source (the 8 extraordinary meridians), and life becomes our expression through the cleared ordinary meridians that are 'wombs of manifestation of Infinite Intent.  The masculine sub-personalities root in a feminine counterpart--as four sub-personas--yielding powers of resourcefulness, all knowing, all-sufficiency, and all power. (This is being explored in the True Self Alchemy programs).
Below are the sub-personality blends for the horizontal, feminine axis.

The Sub-personality FA Blends ~ Horizontal Axis of Formlessness

The Song of the Dove ~ Inner Babe

This delicate blend opens you to the depth of sensual experience and refined enjoyment. It supports you to ground into the body in order to presence life with full activated senses. Creates a sense of safe expression and the safety to feel life deeply.
The healed Inner Babe brings online the power of omnisensory feeling from the full 672 inner senses. Through this faculty, we dwell in communion with the Infinite Source of our Existence. From this communication at such depth and full omni-presence in the senses, resources are pooled from Source in support of the true dreams of the heart.

WW FA Potions of Light by Phoebe Surana (1)

The Dance in the Moonlight ~ Wild Woman

This warm and complex blend of the "Moon" brings a sense of peace and contentment to depth within. Supports intuition as well as the higher function of the organs as their stories of separation dissolve. Grounding to support deeper presence in the body and safe feminine expression, this blend ignites the feminine mystery, awakens the intuitive capacities, and enhances communication with the hidden realms.
The activated and expressive Wild Woman ensures that all matrices are gracefully dissolved as they are uncovered. She brings new vitality through her willingness to live at the edge of and plunge into the unknowable. Pleasing herself first is a natural impulse, as she knows herself to be All. She is the gateway of all-sufficiency. Wild woman is roots to the Inner Nurturer who becomes a fountain of lavish blessings as she lives from the peace of being home for herself.


Distant Horizons ~ Inner Adventurer

This fresh and uplifting formulation creates a mood of optimism and helps to overcome past limitation and embrace life with confident hope that we will have the resourcefulness to meet the moment with courage.  Promotes the graceful unfoldment of the surrendered life.

Elixir of the Golden Light ~ High Mind

This mood enhancing blend promotes grace, self-sovereignty, and the poise of emotional equanimity.  With a quiet confidence in the feminine and the inner peace of the 'eye of the storm', the powerful formulation supports a deep sense of self-worth.


Almine has shared that the golden light field with its full capacities carry the answers that negate the need for demonic presences to embody the chaos of unyielded insights. The 145-component Equation of the Tones of Love can birth this field and prepare the master for resurrection. 

Potions of Light by Phoebe Surana,

Additional Information

Size and with/without materials

3.5 mls kit with materials, 3.5 mls kit refill only, 18 mls kit with materials, 18 mls kit refill only,


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