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screen shot 3 from livestream 'clock of birdsong'

Two DNA Roses and the Magic Clock of Birdsong

full DNA Rose color
During November 2014, in a jam-packed radio interview of Almine on blogtalk radio, she describes how the first DNA Rose, ends its function as a time map of Infinite Intent on the Chinese New Year, which is the cosmic New Year.
Up to then, the first DNA Rose gave the overall picture of Infinite Intent, but this will no longer apply very shortly. The second DNA Rose of inner space must come online and act as bridge to the time maps of inner space.

Initially Almine thought that the 1st DNA Rose had an additional 10th row, but not so. She later realized she was looking at a 2nd DNA Rose of 672 chambers that pertained to inner space. The two DNA Roses occupy the same space, but are on different dimensions.  Almine came out with the fragrance alchemy oil, Song of the Rose, which was thought to activate the 10th row of inner space of the original DNA Rose, but it activates the 2nd Rose of inner space.

672 petaled RoseThis 2nd DNA Rose has 10 rows--making 672 chambers, while the first DNA Rose as 441 chambers.

As of mid Feb 2015, inner space must come online, because that is how we will navigate reality. No longer are we following common time maps, but now we create our own. And we do this with the magical and wondrous Bird Clock. And so the "Bird Clock maps out our Field of Hope", as Almine has stated.

The first DNA Rose "handles the interpretation of experiential knowledge and creation of our experience externally through the its 441 chambers". While the larger, 2nd DNA Rose "interprets inner space and articulates it as an impulse of inspiration for the other (1st) Rose to materialize". They work together, forming a Moebius circuit. They occupy the same space, but are on different dimensions.

The map above the first, which must become accessible very soon, necessitates that the second Rose be online and expressing, as the second Rose is the gateway between these two time maps. It comes online when we have mastered oneness. In oneness, there is an additional chakra—the High Heart (turquoise chakra).  The High Heart center opens as gateway to the perspective of super-godhood or the place of no-time.  It is also the  gateway that leads between time maps. This gateway opens by activating the inner states of nature..."Nature is not a place, it is a condition, a perspective...a way of life when tones are active ...inner tones of nature and external tones are activated and expressed in life, that is when gateway opens and you can move between the two time maps."

While the information has not been elaborated since Dec 2014, it appears that the new time maps are uniquely created as we work with the magical Clock of Birdsong.

Stay tuned for a FA kit to work with the Bird Clock and activate the time maps on the seven fields of perception. This tool clears the 12 + 8 meridians, and through the 8 meridians working into the subtle nuances or tones of the hours of the day, in three segments or through the three perspectives of godhood, pristine man, and super-godhood, the chambers of the DNA Roses activate and express to manifest Infinite's Intent through the 672 activated acupuncture points of the body.

The package will include the 21 alchemical oils for the 12 ordinary meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians, and the chakras, along with the Song of the High Heart, and Song of the Rose. This 23-oil set will cover all the protocols for greatest clearing and activation.

If you are eager to work in greater depth with material in preparation for all that is to come, visit the  Foundation to the Miraculous Life Programs on the Events page.

screen shot 3 from livestream 'clock of birdsong'

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