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Song of the High Heart Alchemical Oil

This alchemical oil blend opens the High Heart as the 672nd acupuncture point that turns the key to higher functioning of the entire meridian system. Its formulation was revealed to Almine in October 2014, soon after inner and outer space merged as one.

The whole cosmos has undergone a major change with this merging, and how it translate to life is profound. One think we will notice is the gap between cause and effect narrowing, such that our power to manifest--whether in alignment or not, is more pronounced--for many, it will be a time of rapid destructuring of the false illusions, for others, it will feel like a beautiful dawn after a long dark night.

The Song of the High Heart is most potent of the oils, and you will find that life becomes more fluid when you live in surrendered trust. All of your efforts to move into a more refined reality will be amplified.

The High Heart point is one of two resurrection points, which support the merging of three realities that were parallel and separated before September 2014 (when they united as one). This has brought in higher potential in the DNA and leveled the playing field, so to speak, putting an end to all hierarchy. The new cosmos is now one of all potential for all life forms. We may now live in integrated oneness and leave behind the cycle of linear time, with life, death and ascension cycles endlessly repeating. The opening of the portal of the High Heart is the step to living from that higher reality beyond the old cosmic containment matrix.

The High Heart activates when we live in surrendered trust, in the full realization of the benevolence of life, in agendaless harmlessness that does impose the will of the small self, and when we engage the 27 states of inner and outer nature, as living powers within.

Song of the High Heart may be purchased in th 3.5 ml or 18 ml sizes, singly or in the following FA kits:

Rune Mastery 25 FA Oil kit
Full 36 FA Oil Kit
7-FA Signature Oil Kit
DNA Roses & Resurrection Points - 7 FA Oil Kit

It may be applied to the 672nd acupuncture point, to activate the High Heart opening, which affects all acupuncture points on the body. Another use is to soak in the oil (place a few drops in a warm bath), or apply it all over the skin (using an organic carrier body oil or cream). It clears matrices from the skin, which hold old dream of separation in place.

Below is the wheel of the true High Heart, that evolves the High Heart's exquisite functions in manifesting a life through conscientious, appreciative engagement.

High Heart

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