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The 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ The Unfathomable, Imponderable, Strangeflows

The Wonders of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

The eight extraordinary meridians, run the deepest within our bodies, and supply the twelve ordinary meridians (OMs) with qi and blood. They are the deep reservoirs that supply the ordinary meridians and catch their overflow. They are said to support our DNA or genetic heritage, and in working with them conditions are impacted at the DNA level. They are masters of the endocrine system, which is  timing mechanism for the body's evolution.

Unlike the meridians, the extraordinary meridians are not directly connected to the organ system, and they share points with the 12 OMs, with the exception of the Du (Governing) and Ren (Central or Conception) meridians, which have their own acupuncture points.

The eight meridians are the first energy pathways to form in the foetus, and they establish the directions of above/below, inner/outer, left/right, and back/front (past/future) into which we are embodied and through which the outer senses emerge.

By utilizing the points on the hands and feet associated with each extraordinary meridian pair contralaterally, we can duplicate the flow of energy that runs like a Moebius so that the directions become a living paradox. (Inner turns to outer and outer to inner, for example).

From their primordial nature, these eight meridians are revered in Oriental medicine as precious, extraordinary, curious, amazing, and miraculous. RelativelylLittle is said about them because they were regarded as an unfathomable mystery. The eight meridians are on the cusp of the invisible and the visible, and they operate multidimensionally and outside of anything that can be mapped. From deep exploration, they appear to bridge the know to the unknown, and further still, from unknown to unknowable. It is in the unknowable that we may bring in new cosmic riches.

The eight extraordinary meridians are associated with the dimensions of life or the infrastructure of embodiment, and with the “vast rivers of sub-quantum particles that lie throughout the macrocosm and manifest within man (the microcosm) as sub-personalities”, that Almine speaks of in the Belvaspata Song of the Self ceremony.

Almine has revealed that the 12 OMs are the vessels associated with pristine man, while the 8 EMs pertain to godhood. In recent months (around October 2014), she found that the Du and Ren were the vessels of godhood, whereas the remaining 6 lead to super-godhood or integrated oneness. The Du and Ren, expressing at higher functionality, begin to establish the Bridge of No Time, while the remainder move us to becoming the Bridge of No Space.

Through purifying the 12 OMs, the black blood cell activates, which begins a series of changes that bring the 8 extraordinary meridians to higher functionality, which activates the hidden organs of the body and much more.

The purification of the 8 EMs begins with the clearing of trauma from the body (this helps to purify all meridian--see the trauma clearing program). The next step is to dispel the eight primary illusions of duality. This is necessary because the 8 EMs choose life in each moment, and by their choice is life organized by the 12 OMs. The organization within the parameters of the 8 EMs flows to all organs, glands, chakras, and other systems. When the 8 EMs are operating under programs of separation, the body's systems are separated by 'matrices' of beliefs systems.

From the Ancient Alchemical Texts

The accumulated memories burdensome became
From clustered information, blocked meridians came
Eight alchemical oils of which we tell
The eight meridians’ illusions and debris dispel

Purify Memory in 8

When the 8 EMs are cleared of all programs of separation, they may choose life in each moment, and with fluid evolving awareness, the parameters of 'organization' are also fluid, causing the body to become a unified field of cooperative, harmonious systems.

To purchase this product, go to the product page at this link.

It comes with the following:

  • 8-achemical oils to clear and activate the 8 extraordinary meridians + Song of Joy
  • Booklet to dispel illusions with alchemical equations (by Almine),
  • Booklet of the 8 light elixirs that Almine created for the extraodinary meridians (has affirmations for each)
  • Video meditation to dispel the 8 illusions and integrate higher perspective in the 8 EMs
  • Suggested exercises to clear the primary illusions and fears, and to activate the Song of Joy in these deeper reservoirs that determine reality.
  • Two audio meditations to clear the 8 extraordinary meridians


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