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I AM the Paradox

The Song of the Joints & Lotus Oil

Lotus oil is used in several protocols to clear the 13 main joints of the body. Another oil that can also be used--on its own or in combination--is Queen of the Nile.

Lotus creates a profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, and the joints represent a system of interdimensional gateways. In order to unify the chakra system, we must master the tool of Transcendence, and the fluidity in the joints on all 7 levels corresponding to the 7 bodies of man is essential. A program to bring profound fluidity to joints is under development.

Queen of the Nile's power is to promote the mastery of fluidity and help release belief systems, and it may be useful to release strictures in joints and ligaments.

You may blend the two oils in equal amounts and apply to the 13 main joints, rubbing in, using a circular motion while applying some pressure. Follow this by palpating around each joint, and holding on any sore spot (hold and do a circular motion, then release, hold-release--repeat this for 30-60 seconds on each sore spots).

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the program on clearing the 7 levels of the joints, as part of achieving the state of perpetual regeneration through the peaceful interaction of multi-perspectives across fields.

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