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12 Ordinary Meridian Clearing and Activation Kit

There will be several options available for clearing the 12 ordinary meridians, which will support initial clearing of emotional debris and limiting memory, to activation of the meridians to their higher power as "wombs of fluid manifestation of Infinite's Intent".

Live programs are offered for deeper clearing of these meridians, as well as periodic live events that you can sign up for if you are working with the 12-alchemical oils. Email me to get the latest programs and dates.

A list of packages include those below. All programs work to deeply clear the meridian system, preparing you for powerful manifestation through an active field of hope.

The 12 Alchemical Oils

These oils are unparalleled in their potency, and their power keeps surprising us. We've determined that the FA oils operate alchemically for leveraged results, in combination as well as in attunement with the wearer. In other words, the more you clear and embody refinement, the more the oils operate at higher 'octaves' of expression, unleashing greater power.  The FA oils work to dissolve the emotional debris and memory from lifetimes in the dream of separation.  They can shift you out of emotional states quite dramatically--and cause subtle changes to old patterns of thought and emotional habits and triggers. We must transcend emotionality in order to move to a refined reality wherein we are emotionally self-sovereign, and without identity or reference points in the stories of life.

The properties of these 12 exquisite oils are given on this blog post. For more information on the 12 ordinary meridians, visit the post/blog section. This section is continually expanding with more information!

Products/Programs for Clearing & Activating the 12 Ordinary Meridians

Several products are being packaged presently, and will be available soon. For a deep dive into meridian clearing, you may also want to explore the Foundation Program, starting Feb 1 2015.

  1. Simple program with protocols to clear with the 12-oils. Include sigil sheets, suggested exercises, and affirmations to clear the meridians. All more involved packages below, include the basic kit if you don't already have it.
  2. 12 audio-program and other support material to clear the 12 ordinary meridians through the 2-hr periods of the day (see The Meridian Clock, below), and move out of the emotions of fear, anger, pain, guilt, and hopelessness. Cultivation of potent qualities to transcend old emotional patterns.
  3. 12 video-program and other support material. Similar to the above, but adds the focus on activating the alchemical tones of Purity, Clarity, Adventure, and the tones for being home for the Self.
  4. 12 Tones of harmlessness to learn to become a benevolent force in life, and sync with the nature of existence that is pure benevolence. Includes audios for the tones of harmlessness to activate the 12-ordinary meridians, and to cultivate the ascension attitudes, and surrendered trust.
  5. Clearing the 144 Illusions that cause grief, which sustains the false negative emotions. This is a series of 7 audios with contemplations and activation, to embody deeper truths beyond the programs of the matrix.
  6. Activating the full 20 Meridians to cultivate the Field of Hope, or 'Cauldron of Manifestation'.  (This program uses all 20 oils for the 12 ordinary and the 8 extraordinary meridians, plus the Song of the High Heart).

The Meridian Clock

Daily-Meridians-Circuit-04-Large-812x1024(Excerpted from a pdf in the basic 12-oil kit). When we live the rhythms of the cosmos, life unfolds with increased grace, and we naturally move out of linear time into the depth of timeless existence.

The meridians follow the rhythms of the Horary clock. This is a clock that captures the focus of qi moving through the physical/etheric body.

The Meridian Clock maps out the most beneficial times to treat the 12 meridians during a 24-hour cycle. Every 2 hours, the body focuses its resources on balancing a specific meridian and establishing homeostasis in the body. If you feel discomfort at a certain time of day, or wake up at the same time each night, you may need to work more closely with the associated meridian.

In the two-hour period, the first hour is where the meridian's receptivity is emphasized, and the second hour emphasizes its proactivity . When a meridian system is dominant (at its associated time on the clock), treatment for it may be more efficient.

A very powerful exercise to restore homeostasis and harmony on all levels (4 bodies) is to follow the horary clock and do the audios or videos and the FA oil application through a 24-hour period for several days. Suggestions for using the tools are given the materials with the 12-FA oil kits.

12-point protocol

To access point locations of the 12 OM protocol, you may print this one=page pdf.

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