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Power of the Song of Joy

When the cells sing the Song of Joy, life changes forevermore...

Song of Joy is a most potent blend that supports maintaining one's own self-sovereign, sacred space. Through the power of joy that is a core power of the heart, is the field of hope out of which life emerges
strengthened. Joy enables us to maintain immaculate space for the manifestation of our dreams.
Through the Heart's joy we sing the Song of the Self, and all illusion must fall away.

The decision to live in joy is one that we must make, and we can when the meridians are sufficiently cleansed of polluting memories. It is foundation to leaving the illusion behind. The Song of Joy oil is a powerful companion tool to clearing the 12 meridians, as it creates a song in the 8 extraordinary meridians that flow their tones through to the 12 ordinary meridians.

In cultivating the ascension attitudes of Praise, Love, and Gratitude, combined with the art of happiness, and living from a Field of Hope in the fluid reference point of delight, you become a compelling force, and active participant in high alchemy that shapes reality. At some point, the cells go supernova, and the magnetic imprints between the nucleus and outer membrane erases, effectively erasing the cellular imprints of trauma.

meridian art neroli8For many, this may sound lofty indeed. However, the path from where you are to this exquisite state is filled with joyous moments.

The Song of Joy is an alchemical formulation of high vibrational oils that supports a move out of the painful emotions of anger, guilt, fear, and hopelessness, toward emotional equanimity and eventual contentment and full engagement in a life of your shaping.

You may certainly start using it at anytime to enjoy many benefits, however, clearing the 12 ordinary meridians of emotional debris, and the 8 extraordinary meridians of imprisoning illusions of separation is highly recommended.

The 8 extraordinary meridians, known as the curious, imponderable, unfathomable, "strangeflows", activate on the vibration of joy. Through our joy, we change reality from the level of cause (8 extraordinary meridians). In ever greater states of glad expectation and unspecified, unwavering hope that is a present moment power, we live in abiding joy that no longer perceives good or bad, and are surrendered to the inevitability and perfection of the life unfolding.

When the eight extraordinary meridians are cleared of illusions of duality, they are able to choose the reality that we engage with in each moment of unfolding life. These vessels feed the 12 ordinary meridians, which then 'organize' life according to the fluid parameters given by the eight.  It is then that we can fluidly reshape the body, which remembers a state beyond needs, aging and decay.

Orbit Du and Ren

The Song of Joy comes with a protocol for the eight extraordinary meridians with affirmations. You are also invited to explore full clearing of the eight illusions of the extraordinary meridians, which is an essential step on the path to inner mastery, and eventually to high alchemy.

partial radiant citcuitThe Song of Joy oil is also used to activate the 'radiant circuits' in the body, and these protocols, done to specific music elixirs that promote joy and self-nurturing, augmented by alchemical equations and wheels,  can lift you out of stuck emotional states. When used in tandem with the protocols for deep clearing in the 12 ordinary meridians, all emotionality can eventually be transcended, and cellular memory of pain erased.

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