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New FA Kits ~ Eight Oils for High Magic and Sub-personalities

There are two new sets of 8 FA blends, to enhance the ability to manifest in alignment with Infinite Intent, supporting the coordination and cooperation of inner and outer space. In high magic, we learn to manifest from the refined harmonious inner family (inner space) that can then cooperate with the eight layers of existence (8 fields of perception) or outer space.
In using both sets of oils, we can enhance the fluid merging of inner and outer realities, living them in integrated oneness. This we are exploring from various angles, in the Adventures in Boundlessness Membership program!

Go to the product pages to explore the new treasures from the Infinite, received by Almine!

Sup-personality blends are:
Blue Skies, Fountain of Life, Golden Flower, Liquid Gems
Song of the Dove, Elixir of the Golden Light, Dance in the Moonlight, Distant Horizons
Explore the kit by clicking here
High Magic Blends:
Oasis Sunset, Prince of Egypt, Velvet Nights, Seven Veils
Moonlight Garden, Essence of Magic, Desert Dawn, Starlight on Aswan
Explore the kit by clicking here

The Fluid Geometry of Inner and Outer Space

Almine explains that these oils work with the sub-personality oils, in direct correspondences.

Oils of HM application

planes of the body"The eight fields of existence — accessed by High Magic — applies to external space. They can be called the cardinal points of space. The subpersonalities (described by ancient seers as vast rivers that run through all of existence) are in fact the cardinal points of inner space.
As you store the oils on the alchemical sigils of the Eight Fields of Existence, their capacity to form portals between inner and outer space is enhanced.

High Magic accesses the laws of manifestation in the eight layers of existence. Each of the eight layers contributes through the practitioner's body to the magic. High Magic works with limitlessness and endlessness — it is far more powerful than any magic we have had.
The eight oils of High Magic have power sigils of their own in an extremely high and advanced language. In addition, there are eight alchemical power sigils that belong to the Eight Fields of Existence (all of which are utilized in High Magic), that you can place under the oils when storing them overnight."

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