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DNA Roses Activation

The DNA Roses and their activation is the original work of Amine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Almine originally thought that the first DNA Rose had a 10th row, and later discovered that she was looking at another DNA Rose, occupying the same space as the first but on another dimension. This 2nd Rose has 672 chambers, one for each of the inner senses. It is the new time map of Infinite Intent, which must now be activated in order to operate the vast potential of inner space, as well as to wield the power of the Runes.

The DNA Rose wheel is by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys. You may obtain a copy from the website,

The Two DNA Roses

The 1st DNA Rose,with its 441 chambers across 9 rows, "supports the interpretation of experiential knowledge and the creation of our experience externally in outer life." Nothing gets manifested that is not activated in the DNA Rose of outer space. The larger, 2nd DNA Rose of inner space, "interprets inner space and articulates this as impulses of inspiration for the outer DNA Rose to materialize. The two DNA roses work together. They occupy the same space, but are on different dimensions." (Almine)


The Turquoise Chakra of the High Heart

The High Heart is the turquoise chakra that awakens during the reality of oneness (as referred to by Almine).  No longer are we reaching for ascension as the highest state, as oneness is polarized to the reality of the many lived within the 7 chakras.  We are leaving the cycles of life in polarity--namely life, death, and ascension--and moving beyond linear change to the resurrected state that integrates both states. We are turning tyrants into tools, and expressing life as immortality, death as the power of incorruptibility, and ascension as perpetual regeneration.
LE 122

In the resurrected state beyond opposites of the one and many, we move from life as a figure eight (where oneness is the ascension loop and the many is the rebirth/death loop), to the Moebius of indivisibility, wherein the 'twist' is the portal of the High Heart--the chakra that is the gateway to integrated oneness.

LE 195

According to Almine, the High Heart opens by opening the gate between nature as an outer experience, and as an inner state of being. It is recommended by Almine, that we study these states of nature deeply.
Wheels by Almine, LLC Spritual Journeys,


Almine, on the Song of Rose (Fragrance Alchemy & New DNA)


Several new products have been added to the site, which are dedicated to activating the two DNA Roses and creating the Moebius of indivisibility between inner and outer realities.

Explore the offerings, as listed below. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email me! There is more on the way!

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