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Almine’s Secret Garden ~ Depth of Inner Space

We may  now move to a state of integrated oneness, which is living from depth of inner space and outer space, simultaneously. This will enable the wielding of the greatest powers through the many tools that we are now exploring.  And it occurs when 'knowing marries innocence', which causes the senses to operate as a unified field.

24 Chakra LoopsThe new tools, when wielded with grace, have the power to catalyze body evolution, including the unification of the 20 meridians with the chakra system--the 24 chakras of manifestation and the 7 main fields of perception, in which we create time maps of miraculous potentials. When upper and lower loops are free of matrices that separate, and lived as a Moebius circuit, we move into the reality of the miraculous.

We are headed for a state in which we truly create our own life of miracles...

 Introducing a new alchemical oil...



Almine has brought us a new fragrance to support a life of miracles from depth of activated inner senses, and I am very pleased to be offering this to you along with material to support this.

"Uplifting with fragrant promises of wondrous miracles and magic, this unforgettable fragrance lingers like an unspoken message of enticing moments to come."

The alchemical blend helps restore innocence and timelessness to the senses, through bringing the knowingness from the experience of duality into the sense that never fell from innocence. The result is truly remarkable:  true discernment from innocence, and the enhancement of omni-sensory experience from inner and outer senses. It is the perfect blend to awaken the ability to confidently interpret inner space by surrender and trust in effortless knowing.

“Of all the wonderful fragrances this has been my favorite because of its overtones. Most blends produce one harmonized note that is experienced as an initial burst of fragrance, which then becomes less and less noticeable because of familiarity. This particular scent has multiple available notes that alternate, emphasizing themselves. In other words, the nose does not get used to the fragrance as it changes slightly hour by hour, and the olfactory experience continues to be enjoyed throughout the day.”  It may well be the fragrance given to us to enhance the power of the Clock of the Hours of Infinite Intent (Bird Clock)...there is much to explore.


Suggested Uses: Du back headThe FA Oil comes with protocols to heal the senses. A simple additional technique is to place a few drops in the bathwater, and soak.  Apply also to GV (Du) 19, at the top/back of the head. This point is good for the sense of the skin.

This oil may be purchased in the larger 18 ml size, or in a kit of 7 signature fragrance oils. Comes with material (suggested protocols and audios) to enhance the experience.

To purchase this oil and explore options, go to the product page, Almine's Secret Garden.

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