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Explore the FA Oils

Fragrance Alchemy is a modality brought forth by Almine (LLC Spiritual Journeys, to support the body to clear  of illusion and to activate higher faculties.

The properties of the first Egyptian FA Oils blends are presented in this short video. The video first presents the 16 feminine fragrances, followed by the 10 masculine fragrances.

Another 8 Fragrance Alchemy Blends have been made available between 2012 and 2015. You may purchase all 34 in three sizes: sample, 3.5 mls, and 18 mls. To explore the Full kit of 34 FA Oils, go to this link.

Download a pdf with the descriptions of the first 26 oils here: 26 FA-oil Descriptions

***NEWEST BLENDS: I am thrilled to be offering the latest sub-personality blends from Almine! These are:

  • Blue Skies for the healing of the Inner Child
  • Godlen Flower for the healing of the Inner Nurturer
  • The Fountain of Life for the healing of the Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem for the healing of the Inner Warrior
  • Song of the Dove for the healing of the Inner Babe
  • Dance in the Moonlight for the healing of the Wild Woman
  • Distant Horizons for the healing of the Inner Adventurer
  • The Elixir of the Golden Light for the healing of the High Mind

    Please note that the special given at the beginning in the video, is no longer applicable.


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