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Foundation to the Miraculous Life ~ Live Programs

Upcoming 6-Week Live FA Program to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians

Through powerful clearing videos, you will learn to activate the potent qualities and tones to completely awaken from the 'spell' of emotionality. When you understand the entrapment of emotions, their unreality, and how they keep you bound to a past that projects into future, you will grasp the power of becoming the observer that is responsible for every aspect of what it perceives. Embark on an accelerated path to liberation by parting the veils of illusion, leaving mediocrity and self-doubt behind, and becoming unstoppable. The 12 ordinary meridians sing life into form. With emotional wounding, the meridians act as "polluted rivers of filth" that keep recycling the old discordant tones. The Fragrance Alchemy oils have the power to flush the system out and dissolve memory of pain. Pure tones and frequencies that are the higher expressions of the 12 meridians have the power to change reality.

Program will be offered in early June and will run for 6 weeks. Suitable for those new to Fragrance Alchemy as well as long-time students of Almine. Sign up details are not yet posted, but please send an email if you would like to be kept informed about it.

Email to, or leave a comment, below, with contact info.




Foundation to the Miraculous Life Series (Part 1, 2, and 3)

This program (FML-Part 2) has completed and has received rave reviews! Will post soon. Parts will be packaged for self-study, in preparation for Foundation to the Miraculous Life ~ Part 3 (also preparation to wield the power of the Runes)

Program Febuary 1st 2015 ~ Runs for 6 weeks to March 15

Click on the banner to read about or sign up for the program on the Inner Mastery Tools website. Scroll down to read what participants are saying about the program! Many are joining for second 'deep dive' in preparation for Foundation part 2!

Miraculous Life

Led by Elyse Hope ~Material by Anita Lucia ~ Inspired by the great mystic Almine

~ A perfect alchemy through devotion ~

This program works also with Fragrance Alchemy, and does deep clearing of the 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians, along with many other processes to activate the body to becoming a unified field of fluid, multi-dimensional expression. Through it you will learn to cultivate the Field of Hope, and how to synchronize with the Tones of the Hour of Infinite Intent, evolving the power of the 8 extraordinary meridians to fluidly choose your reality within the vastness of infinite potential!

What participants in the first program are saying:

Like an answer to a prayer Dear Elyse and Anita. This program is so rich and layered that I would love to repeat it and feel that the internal "changes" that I have been experiencing from the material, assistance from the angelic realms, and all of the elements, will make the repeating feel brand new. In praise love and gratitude for you all! Peg Fennell USAAnita and your team--thank you so much for the powerful and magical tools you so generously provide in every program you offer. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and monumental effort that must go into providing the many documents, charts, recordings and videos to support all that you share energetically. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and unwavering dedication to furthering human potential. Most of all, thank you for your authenticity, your steadfast devotion to your craft and your ability to have difficult conversations and hold the space for the evolution of all concerned. Kim McVicker USAThis has been such a rich programme that I know I will be listening to it and practicing everything all over again from the beginning. The 2 months we have been together has become part of my life! The High Heart affirmations are totally part of our life, it is the part that I share with my husband every day. It is now deep winter here in our mountainous region of France, a period for continuing all I have been given by you, my Goddess friends. Barbara Kathryn, France

This program was miraculous! I cannot express how deeply grateful I am for You both and this program!  I am in awe of all the miracles this program has given....not only to myself but ALL the people in my life....I have seen magic happen to All ....Truly Unbelievable! Thank you from my entire being...with love, praise, gratitude and deep appreciation.....THANK YOU! Caprice Brochu

Yes!!! I would love to redo!!! The material was so extensive, and it would feel great to get another run through of it!!! I believe it would enhance the understanding of the process & deepen the experience! Monica Revill

Deep gratitude to Elyse and Anita for co-creating this wonderful program together. i truly feel blessed being part of this--it has brought the work of Almine to a real understandable and experiential level for me. I could write pages and pages of all the amazing synchronicites and miracles that happened for me during the program. It was enlightening as well as fun. THANK YOU, Mo Robichaud. Canada

I feel like crying. Crying tears of deep relief and joy. I am so happy. Tears of deep excitedness and appreciation. Deep delight, electrical love and highest praise. Sally, Australia

I feel such bliss, hope and excitement at this moment... This program showed me that things are unfolding way beyond what I can currently perceive, and it has opened me to the purest feelings of hope and trust. Anita's devotion to this work is impeccable, and everyone in the group makes it possible to leverage the results into a whole new dimension. I am certain that I am standing right where I need to be, and this program has made it possible for me to realize that we are truly holding space for a new era of miracles. My deepest gratitude to Anita, Jodie and Elyse, Monica Rodriguez, Mexico City

I came into this program "late"and without any expectations, and if I were to have any expectations they were not only met but exceeded! It was even more WOW and paradigm shifting than I can express in words. Hopefully you can feel my heartfelt gratitude for all you do. Thank you!

This programme is truly incredible, Anita and her colleagues have outdone themselves yet again. The potency of this offering is far beyond any of the previous programmes in the last year, and I have said that with every new one! This to me is solid proof that these teachings are not only effective but that they exponentially build on themselves. The alchemy that I see unfolding through everything Anita does completely blows me away over and over again. Foundation to the Miraculous Life feels to be exactly what it says on the tin - the groundwork for living a higher reality than we have ever been able to conceive of before. The most powerful activations of all for me came through the layered meridian clearing audios that combined Anita's spoken guidance with multi-levels of sound elixirs. I'm not even sure how this was accomplished, but it seems to speak across multiple dimensions through many layers of consciousness simultaneously. I am totally amazed at the genius that flows through all who are involved in putting together these programmes with so much depth and clarity. Especially I have yet to encounter another who has such a clear handle on the vast expanse of Almine's work and how it all pieces together. It truly is a rare gift to be able to participate in such a exceptionally detailed and game-changing offering, thank you most sincerely for the honour of getting to walking alongside you through this. Finally, the addition of the Fragrance Alchemy protocol which intimately supports this entire process is not to be missed, it adds a potency that otherwise simply could not be experienced." - Ciara, Ireland

Where do I even begin.... the imprint you've left on my life is priceless! Since the day I was finally blessed with your presence in my life, July 2013, was the day my life changed forever. Words cannot even begin to express the deep gratitude I have towards your tireless, dedicated efforts to the work you bring to us. The level of personal power and freedom I've been able to achieve in just 1.5 short years is astonishing. You go above and beyond, non-stop, adding all that you newly discover, cutting edge material, to help everyone you can to evolve to their highest potential. Exceeding well beyond what we pay for for your hard work and commitment.. and to that I am eternally grateful! Anita Briggs you ARE the real deal! I've never come across anyone (besides Almine), who has a gift so rare and precious in doing what you do. Your sessions are powerful for me and each time I'm blown away at the intensity of them, not to mention how life altering and effective they are. The gifts I've received through all of your programs have been above my expectations. Looking forward to continuing this incredible journey with you and your team.
I also want to thank Elyse, Jodie for their contribution in making 'Inner Mastery Tools' such a successful method of creating a peaceful journey in evolution. And of course our beloved Almine... what would we do without her?! Love to you Almine! And deepest love to you Anita Briggs! Thank you! Tracy Cormier, Canada

Anita you are the woman! EXTREME GRATITUDE. You truly did "breathe new space" into my faith in the kindest, gentlest, sincerest form possible and opened my eyes to more thean words can say (in a mere post)...I have already been touched by your healing and I am eternally grateful. Margaret Cain, USA

It's with praise, love and gratitude and deep appreciation (and yes surrendered trust) to have experienced and been blessed by the gifts of the Infinite streaming through Anita (and Jodie during the remote work-thank you) for such Love and passion for us being and living the one life. It is a joy to witness and receive the gifts as they stream thru you Anita . You have given us such a gift of yourself with the deep reservoir of blended information and energy in the material and audios.

With much praise, love and gratitude to the partnership of Anita and Elyse. Elyse, the love and sacredness in how you have embodied, lived, focused, created sacred space and shared the information and energy, is a blessing. I am eternally grateful for your words and sharing as it shaped and molded my ability to take the information into my heart and gave my mind a resting place without analysis. Words seem inadequate for the joy of coming/being home here. Bonnie Snyder, USA

Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for the in-depth learning and dedication that you brought to this wonderful program. I have felt so many changes in myself and new insights are still coming forward as I write this note. I feel so blessed to have been part of this amazing experience, and cannot wait to continue with this incredible learning. Life will never be the same and I am truly humbled by it all. In love, praise and deepest gratitude. - Lynne Smith, Nova Scotia Canada


Thank you for this beautiful program and the recent Solstice meditation, it was exquisite and so much needed! It is with deep love, praise, gratitude and surrendered trust that i salute you and i am very honoured to walk this path together with the Infinite-One Life. Erlisa, Toronto



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