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Training & Programs


12 Ordinary Meridians

Liberating your Radiant Powers ~ Uncovering the Gems of Power in the 12 Ordinary Meridians

The power of this program could not have been predicted. The 12 ordinary meridians are part of how we become part of the high alchemy of manifesting our reality on 8 fields of existence. Foundational step toward radical newness and true manifestation beyond the law of compensation.  Program uses the 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridians--something you can start exploring at an time! Click here to explore the 12 OM oils.

Program started May 2016 and continues in spirals through the 12 into 2018 and beyond!  Best time to jump in next is September 2016 - sign up by sending me an email (

Activating the 8 Aspects of the Inner Family

We offered this program in 2016 and will resume later in 2017.  This time we will add dissolving the 7 mirrors of illusion, and activating the inner family in their respective fields of perception. Not to be missed, as again, this is foundational! Program uses the 8 FA Oils for the 8 extraordinary meridians and the set for the sub-personalities--something you can start exploring at an time! Click here to explore the 8 OM oils to dispel illusion and the 8 FA oils for the sub-personalities.

The Magical Bird Clock

Manifesting outside the law of compensation, by unifying the meridian system and living from the full Inner Family on all 8 Fields of existence--this is a big study that holds infinite promise. The  Bird Clock is the tool that holds the space for us to manifest pristinely. Received by Almine, this power tool gives us "stupendous power" for high alchemy. It also supports clearing and unifying of the meridian system, and the production of pheromones of high alchemy.

Dates to be announced.  Recommended pre-requisites are the meridian and Inner Family program.

Meridian Clearing and Activation with Fragrance Alchemy

Suited for practitioners. Details to come, email for now. September 2016.

Runes of the Infinite Mother ~ Mastery and Grand Mastery

Suited for personal and professional use, training is on the Rune Mastery Environment--a tool to integrate the runes deeply and learn all the spreads given by Almine.

Date to be announced. Tentative date October 2016.



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