Academy of Fragrance Alchemy

Near the great Valley of the Kings, in the town of Luxor, a devoted family has kept alive an ancient tradition, and secret formulas of exceptional fragrance oils have been passed on from generation to generation with the utmost meticulousness. And these have come to us through many synchronicities...

Scent is the only sense that has not fallen into forgetfulness, and so is 'unedited' and innocent. Scent can thus remind us of our oneness...our indivisibility from Source. The purity of these oils has made it possible for the great seer and mystic, Almine, to alchemically infuse them with angelic blessings, augmented through the power of sigils, which are gateways to angelic power. We owe this tremendous modality to Almine, who is able to connect directly with Source.

The alchemy is specific to the meridian, chakra and other body systems, so that we are assisted to shed eons of programs, dross, and density. The time is now to leave the dream of separation, as its resource supply has dwindled and we must now establish the self as the source of all-sufficiency, and to do this the body must evolve beyond its present density.

The alchemical properties of these fragrance oils are unparalleled, and through their use it is possible to live beyond all emotionality and past, and anchor firmly in the present moment unfolding: the 'place' of perpetual regeneration. Experience the vitalizing power of these rare fragrances that can shed age-old debris from the body, and support life beyond the confines of duality.

Liberating Your Radiant Power: Unleashing the Creative Powers of the 12 Meridians

Deep dive into the work of Almine, in preparation for a life of miracles, as we embody full potential–awakening hidden body centers and merging inner and outer space.

Training in Fragrance Alchemy

Many training programs in the works….

Full Clearing Support of the 12 Ordinary & 8 Extraordinary Meridians

For the Fundraising Event in Support and Appreciation of Almine, I have packaged a series of products, focused on clearing and activating the 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians! Read all about it!


Song of the High Heart Alchemical Oil

Lily creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensualexperience.

photo 7 oils

12 Ordinary Meridian Clearing and Activation Kit

The 12 ordinary meridians pertain to the emotional body

I AM the Paradox

The Song of the Joints & Lotus Oil

Lily creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensualexperience.


The 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ The Unfathomable, Imponderable, Strangeflows

Lily creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensualexperience.


Clearing Trauma with the 20 Alchemical Meridian Oils

Lily creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensualexperience.

4- The Breath of the Little Horn

Clearing and Activating the 24 Gates in the Spine

Lily creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensualexperience.

untitled 4 (4)

Many more exciting products to come!

7 Fields of Perception, FA for Children, Activating Hidden organ centers, and more...

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